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Revolutionize your scanning experience with Cheeze.
Rewards Galore, Scan for More! Touch of Willy Wonka magic.
Unlock rewards.
Discover brands.
Powerful Tools for Personalized Engagement.
Designed with privacy and security in mind.
Your ultimate scanning experience.
Scan and Explore Anywhere, AnytimeSeamlessly scan for product and brand insightsA world of rewards awaits your discovery!
Scan and Explore Anywhere, Anytime
With Cheeze, your scanning experience knows no bounds. Effortlessly read barcodes on products, explore QR codes in various premises, connect with professionals through LinkedIn QRs, and even navigate QR restaurant menus. Cheeze opens up a versatile world of code reading, ensuring you're ready to explore and connect wherever you go.
Scan and Explore Anywhere, Anytime
Seamlessly scan for product and brand insights
Cheeze isn't just a scanner. It's your brand-oriented hub. Enjoy a seamless scanning experience that effortlessly unlocks rewards and intricate product details. Scan with us to explore a vibrant brand engagement, where finding information about new products, discounts, promotions, contacts, and more is quick and easy. Elevate your connection with brands like never before.
Seamlessly scan for product and brand insights
A world of rewards awaits your discovery!
Unlock daily tasks for a chance to earn points. Whether it's scanning codes, daily logins, inviting friends, or completing ever-changing tasks, Cheeze ensures there's always something new to discover and points to earn. Home tab is a vibrant space where seamless scanning leads to exciting surprises and engaging brand experiences. Your journey to unlock rewards starts here!
A world of rewards awaits your discovery!
What is Cheeze?
Cheeze is an innovative mobile application that revolutionizes the way users engage with their favorite brands. It allows users to scan barcodes and QR codes, unlocking rewards, exclusive content, and personalized interactions with brands.
How does Cheeze work?
Users can scan product barcodes and QR codes using the Cheeze app. This seamless process takes them to the Code Info page, providing details about the product and offering rewards. Brands can customize their pages in the app, creating a centralized hub for users to explore promotions, discounts, giveaways, and more.
What kind of rewards can I earn with Cheeze?
By scanning codes, you'll unlock rewards such as points, discounts, giveaways, and even discover hidden prizes behind certain codes. It's a fun and rewarding experience every time you use Cheeze.
How can brands benefit from Cheeze?
Brands can use Cheeze to enhance their brand presence, engage with customers, and gather valuable insights through the CMS system.
Can I scan QR menus in restaurants with Cheeze?
Yes, Cheeze allows users to scan QR menus in restaurants. For partenered restaurants we are providing information about the menu, promotions, and more. Users can engage with brands, participate in challenges, and even receive rewards for their scans.
What information can I find about brands?
Cheeze offers a wealth of information about brands, including new product releases, discounts, promotions, locations, opening hours, contact details, surveys, games, and virtual try-ons. Users can explore and engage with brands in diverse ways.
How does the daily task system work?
Cheeze encourages daily interaction through a task system. Scan QR codes and barcodes, invite friends, or visit the app daily to unlock rewards. Track your progress easily, and your well-deserved rewards will be automatically credited to your account.
What's the LinkedIn page feature, and how does it benefit my professional networking?
Imagine you're at the event, and someone hands you a badge with a LinkedIn QR code. Instead of instantly adding them as friends, use Cheeze to scan their LinkedIn QR. We save their name, photo, and profile the link in your scan history. Now, post-event, revisit your Cheeze app to view your scan history by date. Choose and connect strategically, making meaningful connections at your own pace. With the event date recorded, easily revisit your scan history to recall the people you met on that day. Cheeze makes professional networking smarter and more efficient.
Is Cheeze available for collaboration with new brands?
Yes, Cheeze is open to collaboration with new brands. If you're a brand representative looking to engage with your audience in innovative ways, contact us for exciting opportunities.