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Do I need a Metamask wallet?
Cheeze is built on FLOW so there is no need for a Metamask wallet. When you create an account on Cheeze your FLOW blockchain wallet is created and houses all your NFTs and USDC crypto currency.
Can I buy using ETH?
Cheeze uses Moonpay, Simplex and Circle for purchases of NFTs on the Marketplace. You can pay with USDC from your ETH wallet directly on Cheeze, you would need to convert your ETH bags to USDC in order to do so.
What if I want to sell my NFT on Cheeze?
From your Cheeze wallet you can select the NFT you wish to sell, complete the prices details and list for sale on the Marketplace. Once a sale is complete the balance will be credited to your CHEDDA USD in your wallet.
How do I know if my Genesis Camera is rare?
You can check the rarities of all Genesis Cameras directly from the Marketplace. To see the rarity of your owned camera head over to your wallet and select the NFT you want to check. The rarity will be visible on the details section.
Will I be able to list or sell on Opensea?
Currently the only NFTs available on Opensea are those minted on Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn and Solana. Cheeze is built on FLOW and the team behind the FLOW blockchain are actively working with other marketplaces to allow FLOW NFTs to be displayed, however currently this is not an option.
I am unable to use Moonpay in my country, how come?
Moonpay is available in many countries with a growing list being added each month. They support over 80 crypto asset purchases, however if your bank doesn't allow the purchase of an NFT we suggest trying Simplex or visit the Moonpay support at support.moonpay.com for more information. You can also use USDC from any of the top 8 Blockchains to make a purchase.

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