A Private Place for Sharing Memories

Now there is a better, private way to share memories with friends and family.

Create separate albums and invite people closest to you.
Once accepted, you can share memories together and have the comfort knowing you see everything and free from trolls.

Publish to multiple albums at the same time.

Reactions to photos are always different from friends and families. Now you can easily share to multiple albums from Privy or other apps.


Easily add text or emoji’s to your photos & videos.

Add an extra level of personality to your photos and videos with captions. People say a picture paints a 1,000 words, even more with text and emoji’s!

I'm out of coffee ☕ 😳
🤗 🌴
Bye Bye Weekend 😢

See only the updates that are most important to you.

The Feed only contains updates from the albums you are part of. Use the custom filter to show only specific album updates if you want a more tailored experience.

Good Morning,

Stories last a day, memories last forever.

With Privy you don’t need to worry about things expiring. Capture and share memories with the people closest to you and re-live the moment whenever you want.

Try it for free now!

Download Privy today and start sharing memories in a private and secure place. Now you can go back to using your messaging apps for what they were designed to do!