Meet The Leaders

  • Derek Anderson

    Simon Hudson

    Founder & Big Cheeze

    As the founder and spearhead of Cheeze, Simon ensures the vision and direction of the company provides world class products to the highest level.

  • Derek Anderson

    Guy Kawasaki

    Director & Chief Evangelist

    With a wealth of knowledge and expertise from helping companies like Apple and Canva grow, Guy helps shape Cheeze to be a world leader too.

  • Derek Anderson

    Derek Andersen


    As the CEO of both Startup Grind and Bevy Labs, Derek is well positioned to help advise and evolve Cheeze in order to achieve maximum success.

Meet The Team

We believe in hiring talent from all over the world and have built our team on skills, not location. We are a remote working company and enjoy learning about each others cultures and countries during weekly calls. Although Cheeze is still very young, our team consists of the following departments to help us grow and succeed.